Tuning the skills and keeping in shape. (released a bit late)

This has been an odd week, mainly because it is the first time in over 6 months where I've had some time to myself. Enjoyable to say the least but at the same time it leaves me idle and trying to rebuild a new routine to take place of the one that I had before I went off to work like crazy. It is very much like trying to get back into an old hobby. Everything feels new and old at the same time, and I find myself jumping around trying to figure what feels right. 

It is simply the state of things that focus is all over the board. It is definitely not a time of stagnation though the trappings are there for life to become so. Though with all this one thing is clear, and that is the need to get on with some projects that have been left to the wayside since I got my last project. Which means working on both my book for next month and really hunkering down to get the edits done on my first book.

Before I had some good reason to let things slide, but while I will continue to do the ole job hunting fun time I can't let my well of crazy ideas sit idle while I wait. That is once again why I even blog like this every week, to produce something. It is pretty much biographical but it is something I'm doing with the thoughts in my head. We all should just let ourselves be creative more often, and I'm glad I've found one of many outlets to do just that.


Alas the week has been so odd it got delayed a bit. Time to get this one uploaded, even without an image. A little bit of catching up to do with post and then see where things go. Really what I learned is that you shouldn't hold a document back hoping for some inspiration. Just go back and edit it later when the idea comes to mind.