So Let the Musing Begin

Hmmm so where does one start when discussing their thoughts and ideas in a blogspace these days. Well first I could go ahead and introduce the "whys" that lead me to make this little part of the web my own. I guess that would be the most productive use of my time here. That and if you are reading this it means you probably would like to know as much as I would.

Well thing is that as an "aspiring" writer a lot of my time is spent writing about characters that I create and building a world around them and since I write in a very gun'ho manner that doesn't leave room to look back and observe much of what I'm doing there isn't much room for introspection, contemplating or musing as this article so aptly puts it. Instead I tend to talk my ears off to my friends about my writing and often at great lengths beyond the patience that most people have. So why not just make a space where I can hear my own thoughts out and post them down so in a couple of years the 3 people who would have read my book can come right here and realize who wrote the book they found fascinating.

For you three, I apologize, I'm a rambling buffoon most of the time. I'm being serious too, I have been one who can get lost in my own arguments throughout the day leading me to think it is some very astounding miracle that I ever found the time to be productive enough to write even this little article. Still I guess you did find this and had the heart to make it to the first post and for that I thank you.

Would an ending like that satisfy people? I wonder... for me it feels a bit short and unfulfilling but I shouldn't judge what others find interesting right? Nah still I was hoping to talk about the very concept of musing, it is something that I have stated to have spent a good deal of my life doing much like others who enjoy reading, writing, and creating in general do. Hell I think it can be a productive use of time only that it doesn't provide immediate results. Musing is one of those words with a very clear root, you know the one, the muse. Musing is interesting because as a word we have control of it but a Muse is an external resource and one that creative individuals can't access at a wimp. No instead they spend there time pleading and working out ways to get in tuned with their muse so that the creative process will flow through them. Yet musing is a very internal process that involves contemplating and working through one's own thoughts without the need of an outside resource.

Both are actually very apt terms, a muse in modern times can talk about the ways we prepare ourselves for constructive musing. The perfect coffee shop, or the cup of tea in the quiet part of the house. Being creative isn't as easy as musing about different concepts or ideas, instead we actively look for ways to get ourselves in the zone so that we can muse over what really is necessary for the task at hand, in this case my book. It is always about finding that comfortable space and building the habits needed to channel the energy to whatever the creative goal may be. It all comes together, even if your Muse is a goddess you still have a ritual to get everything setup, but if it has goat sacrifices I will simple shake my head at you. That muse is nothing but bad.